Finance teams deserve great tools.

Here’s an idea — when technology helps you spend less, you can grow faster, hire more, and pay better.

For the last few decades, the B2B payments industry has been building the opposite. Saddling you with outdated software that wastes time, and promoting complicated “points programs” that push your employees to spend more, not less. We are here to change that.

We've dedicated thousands of hours working directly with finance teams to build cutting-edge technology and incredible user experiences that actually deliver on our goal of improving your bottom line and maximizing every dollar and minute you invest in your company.

Our team brings experience from leading financial service companies — like Capital One, Goldman Sachs, Affirm, American Express, Better – and have built companies that save customers over $100M+ every year.

We are here to accelerate your growth.
We build relationships with strategic partners to help our mutual customers create value.
Emily, Business Development
It’s time finance professionals stop wrestling with spreadsheets and painful expense reports.
Karim, Co-Founder & CTO
Elevate the finance function of companies by harnessing the power of technology.
Geoff, Product
Our people are the heart of our organization. Building an inclusive workforce is critical to our success!
Adele, Talent
We want to solve problems for finance professionals so that they can do more each day.
Gene, Co-Founder & CPO
I want to help our customers be more profitable so they can invest in faster growth, more hiring, and higher pay.
Eric, Co-Founder & CEO
We want to provide our customers with all the financial resources they need to innovate and grow.
Alex, Capital Markets
We leverage a customer-first mindset to transform corporate spend management into a seamless experience.
Akash, Engineering
We're building the best engineering talent in FinTech to change the way businesses work!
Nik, Risk Engineering
We build based on what should be, not what others are doing.
Diego, Design & Marketing
We love simple, elegant solutions - but our concern is for our customers, not our ideas.
Calvin, Chief of Staff
Our tools shape our daily lives. At Ramp, we’re changing outdated finance tools into delightful experiences.
TK, Product
Programming is often compared to magic, our job is to bring this superpower to all of our customers.
Veeral, Engineering
Guiding principles

Visibility is key to financial fitness.

What’s measured is managed. The next generation of spend tracking and insight tools must make it easy for finance teams and founders to understand, control, and enact change to spend.

One dollar saved is 100x better than points.

Spend instruments should help companies focus on reducing wasted spend, ensuring resources are effectively used to grow the bottom line, and creating a solid foundation for the long term.

Software-first, card second.

Cards are just the tip of the iceberg. Our platform solves for the entire spend management process, from seamless approvals in Slack, to automated expense policies, to one-click accounting reconciliation.

Financial fitness starts with every employee.

The biggest impact of a company’s financial health comes from empowering its people. Our software lets you create guard-rails, inspire trust, and engage your employees to make the right decisions.
Amazing customers
Unlike other credit card companies which are constantly pushing us to put more money on our card, Ramp is trying to help us spend less and save more. It feels like finally there’s alignment.
Nick, CEO at Candid Co.
No other card company has tried to help us spend less. That alignment is incredible when your business is trying to grow and make a profit at scale.
Aron, SVP Finance at Ro
In the last 5 years the two most delightful product experiences I have had were using my airpods for the first time and using Ramp.
COO on Ramp
Strong backing

Founders Fund


D1 Capital Partners

Goldman Sachs


Box Group

Over 75 of the most influential angels, founders, and board members in Fintech.
[Ramp is] taking aim at American Express and other stalwarts that have long dominated corporate expense accounts.
A credit-card company is encouraging you to spend less money. It might sound counterintuitive, but that's the idea behind Ramp.
The power of a finance team without the extra staff.
Ramp has a strong team, a focus on curbing spending waste, and [millions] in the bank.

We’re hiring

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