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Why Brigit partnered with a customer-centric corporate card solution

Brigit is a financial software company whose mobile app helps consumers save money, avoid costly fees, and take control of their finances. The company’s mission is to empower people to build a brighter financial future with software that provides automated budgeting tools, spend alerting, and interest-free cash advances. The New York-based team brings decades of experience from top-tier technology and financial services companies like Amazon, Palantir, and Deutsche Bank.

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The problem

Finding the perfect corporate card for a hyper-growth startup

As Brigit was scaling rapidly to support millions of customers, spend management became burdensome. A frustrating onboarding experience with Brigit’s existing corporate card solution and months of unresponsive customer support prompted co-founder and CEO Zuben Mathews to search for a more scalable, customer-centric spend management solution. He and his team discovered Ramp—a seamlessly integrated corporate card and spend management platform that took customer experience as seriously as they did.

As the leader of a high-growth startup, Zuben needed an easy way to manage myriad company expenses. Traditional banks were not an option, as they flagged Brigit (and many other early-stage startups) as “risky.” With nowhere else to go, Brigit piloted another corporate card solution tailored to startups--which ultimately proved not to be a fit.

Onboarding was the first problem. It took several weeks of constant follow-up with an unresponsive team to get Brigit signed up. Once up and running, Brigit continued to face unexpected hurdles. The corporate card company  required that each expense be manually approved, which meant Brigit’s VP of Finance had to log in daily and waste already-limited time on manual entry. Buggy software and an unresponsive support team produced further frustration. Finally, managing expense reports required a separately licensed software at an additional cost. 

The Brigit team agreed that this was far from the right solution for its needs.

The solution

Easy-to-use spend management software that puts customers first

Zuben needed a corporate card solution that would support, rather than inhibit, Brigit’s accelerated growth: a platform that would both suit a fast-paced startup and work in the long-term.

When he came across Ramp, Zuben was incredibly impressed with the founding members and initial product and was happy to find a team that was responsive, open to feedback, and easy to work with.

Streamlined onboarding

Unlike other corporate card solutions, onboarding with Ramp takes minutes. When Zuben applied, he was instantly approved and offered spending limits 10-20 times higher than other corporate solutions. Within a day, Brigit’s VP of finance was able to roll out a new corporate card program, and employees were able to spend without expense reports. Brigit’s financial reports were no longer three Excel files deep.

“The three things I love about Ramp are its easy adoption, great customer service, and perks that help you grow.” 

- Zuben Mathews, CEO & Co-Founder at Brigit

A user-friendly platform

Brigit executives can now put spend management on auto-pilot with pre-approved card requests with set limits and category restrictions in place. Then, employees simply submit receipts the moment they spend via email, SMS, or the Ramp web app without ever having to log in and manually submit expense reports — saving the company 100s of hours each month. With the precision and control of Ramp, executives can now practice what they preach at Brigit: intelligent spending. 

Customer-centric and delightful customer experience

As a high-growth startup, Brigit has different needs and requirements than established companies, which is why Zuben was incredibly happy to discover that Ramp was thoughtfully built for every type of user in mind. The Ramp team offered regular check-ins with dedicated account managers and was highly responsive to product requests and features. Now, Brigit can enjoy highly-requested features, such as a log of the company’s entire purchase history, along with an audit trail of requests, approvals, and reviews. The more Brigit grows, the deeper its insights will be. 

“Ramp’s customer service is all about valuing customers’ time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing knowledgeable and resourceful resources. They take things a step further to exceed, rather than just meet expectations.”

- Zuben Mathews, CEO & Co-Founder at Brigit

The result

The perfect corporate card program for a high-growth startup

“Choosing Ramp was a no-brainer. It’s easy to set up and the support experience is unparalleled.”

- Zuben Mathews, Co-founder & CEO

A week spent as Head of Finance at Brigit now looks very different. Since executives no longer need to manually approve each expense, they no longer need to worry about adhering to expense management or compliance policies. Ramp’s obsession with customer-centricity means that Zuben never needs to worry about dealing with an unresponsive team or burdening executives with clunky, inefficient processes. Instead, Brigit now has a financial partner that is equally committed to strong financial performance. 

“The fact that I don’t need to approve my employees expenses manually on a daily basis is such a relief.”

- Zuben Mathews, CEO & Co-Founder at Brigit

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